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"I am a member of the TCBA not only to help promote and grow my business but me personally as well. The networking with builders and other associates at breakfasts,  golfing, and builders shows have given us thousands of new acquaintances and several new friends. Getting involved, volunteering and working the events and committees is where all the magic happened. This is where I met some awesome people, had some of the best times and where I really saw a change in our business. Doing more than just showing up for breakfast is when I realized the true benefit of the group!"

-Jim Brann, Owner, The Porch Factory

My TCBA membership has been extremely valuable to me. TCBA helps to foster the collaboration and knowledge-sharing of local companies within the construction industry. It serves as a hub for professionals, contractors, and businesses, with networking opportunities and the exchange of best practices. TCBA helps influence policy decisions, promote safety standards, and address industry challenges. This ultimately contributes to the growth and success of construction industry in the Treasure Coast.

Benjamin Haynes, Owner H&M Impact Window and Door, Inc.

We are so happy we joined the TCBA this year!  The organization, the diversity of trades, and the people have been such a plus for our business.  The back up the office staff gives and the willingness of the Builders to talk to us and let us know what we can do to enhance our business has been great.  Just join, go to a meeting and do not be afraid to walk up to someone and start talking.  It will surely lead to a new contact and many times to more business between the two.  We understand that it usually talked some time to establish a good working relationship between a builder and an Associate but everyone has been very helpful to keep us on the correct path.

Dave Ottaviani

Hassell Free Tile & Windows


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