• Surveyor Trainee

    Job Description Applicant has passed the Fundamentals of Surveying (FS) examination

    Experience required

    Payscale according to knowledge and ability

    Must be Responsible and on time

    Valid driver's license required

    At least 40 hours a week, with overtime possible. Weekend work when necessary

    Proficient in electronic survey equipment unless entry-level




    1. conduct plant location surveys

    2. research property records

    3. analyze technical data, designs, or preliminary specifications

    4. direct and coordinate activities of workers or staff

    5. conduct geological surveys

    6. conduct land surveys

    7. conduct topographical surveys

    8. obtain land survey data using surveying instruments

    9. operate land or site surveying instruments

    10. prepare safety reports

    11. analyze spatial data

    12. collect scientific or technical data

    13. interpret aerial photographs

    14. read maps