• AutoCad Drafter

    Posted: 11/28/2021

    Job Description Skills preferred but not all required

    • Operating AutoCAD Civil 3D, Microsoft Office including Word & Excel, Plus a general knowledge of computers
    • General knowledge of Land Surveying and or Civil Engineering
    • Must be responsible and on time
    • Valid driver's license preferred but not necessary
    • At least 40 hours a week with possible overtime. Weekend work if necessary
    • Pay scale according to knowledge and ability

    1. interpret maps for architecture, construction, or engineering project

    2. read blueprints

    3. understand construction specifications

    4. draw prototypes, plans, or maps to scale

    5. use computer graphics design software

    6. prepare technical reports or related documentation

    7. prepare contract documents

    8. research property records

    9. use spreadsheet software

    10. use word processing or desktop publishing software

    11. analyze technical data, designs, or preliminary specifications

    12. direct and coordinate activities of workers or staff

    13. prepare cost estimates

    14. write business project or bid proposals

    15. evaluate engineering data

    16. read schematics

    17. recommend solutions to engineering problems

    18. understand engineering data or reports

    19. use computer aided drafting or design software for design, drafting, modeling, or other engineering tasks

    20. use drafting or mechanical drawing techniques

    21. collect scientific or technical data

    22. draw maps or charts

    23. lay out electrical wiring for buildings, etc.

    24. interpret aerial photographs

    25. inspect project operations, or site to determine specification compliance