• Adminstrative Specialist

    We Are Hiring – “Here We Grow Again”
    Administrative Specialist – We Are Seeking a Cast Member from the TV Show “FRIENDS”

    LED Capstone Inc. is one of the most amazing, attractive, and visited Showrooms for residential lighting on the Treasure Coast.  Our clients visiting our showroom, and our Team Members, frequently tell us our culture and work environment feel like watching the TV Series FRIENDS.
    Why do we use this particular TV Series as the metaphor for our culture and work environment – because it’s a comfortable, friendly, and a warm place. Everyone is genuine, goes out of their way to help clients and fellow teammates, and everybody feels like family or a tight knit group of “Friends.”
    Most folks dream of working in an environment similar to the FRIENDS show vs. what typically happens in many workplaces:  you don’t like your boss, no one communicates effectively, there is a lot of drama and mind games, and everyone is self-centered and only cares about themselves. Could you imagine how happy you might be if you enjoy getting up in the morning and coming to work, enjoy interacting and learning with your fellow cast members, and you enjoy having clients that show appreciation for your effort?
    LED Capstone is seeking an Administrative Specialist.  Our ideal candidate will have prior experience in bookkeeping, accounting, inventory control, production planning, warehousing administration, or estimating – you’re great and accurate with numbers and tracking information.   We are needing our team member to have an analytical, detail, numbers-oriented mindset.  If you are the type of person who likes a wide variety of tasks and activities, perhaps where no 2 days are alike, you’ll love this job. Some elements of this job include receiving new shipments, entering items into our inventory system, updating spreadsheets, creating new part numbers, and helping with light accounting work; such as billing customers, organizing receipts, and inventory counting.
    Could you imagine yourself being in a culture/work environment that is like being a FRIENDS cast member? If your numbers-oriented experience in accounting or some other analytical role combined with a great supportive culture sounds appealing, send us a copy of your resume along with a cover letter indicating how our culture is a fit for who you are as a potential employee: info@ledcapstone.com
    Hope to see you at our next Casting Call.